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​Saturday, September 17th  Sunday, September 18th    

Saturday, September 24th  Sunday, September 25th

Saturday, October 1st 

Sunday, October 2nd 

Saturday, October 8th

Sunday, October 9th

Saturday, October 15th

Sunday, October 16th

Saturday, October 22nd

Sunday, October 23rd

Saturday, October 29th


-Bavarian Beer Garden Band

-Kalifornia Krauts

-Kalifornia Krauts    

-Kalifornia Krauts

-Kalifornia Krauts

-Kalifornia Krauts

-Kalifornia Krauts

-Kalifornia Krauts 

-Bavarian Beer Garden Band

-Kalifornia Krauts

-Bavarian Beer Garden Band

-Kalifornia Krauts 


12:00p-12:30p   – Welcome Celebration

12:30p-1:30p     – German Bands

1:30p-1:55p       – Kids Musical Chairs / Kids Games

1:55p-2:00p       – Dance Party

2:00p-2:30p       – German Bands

2:30p-2:55p       – Team Sausage Toss (All Ages)

2:55p-3:00p       – Dance Party

3:00p-3:30p       – German Bands 

3:30p-3:55p       – Women’s Choke the Chicken Contest                                   (AKA Stein Holding)

3:55p-4:00p       – Dance Party

4:00p-4:30p       – German Bands 

4:30p-4:55p       – Men's Choke the Chicken Contest

                               (AKA Stein Holding) 

4:55p-5:00p       – Dance Party  (end of event Sunday's)

5:00p-5:30p       – German Bands

5:30p-5:55p       – Dance Contest (All Ages)

5:55p-6:00p       – Dance Party

6:00p-6:30p       – German Bands 

6:30p-7:00p       -  Dance Party (end of event Saturday's)

Note: If you would like to compete in any games all you have to do is sign up at the table in front of the stage.

la mesa oktoberfest day two-23-2.jpg

​Kalifornia Krauts

BBG Band 1.jpg

Bavarian Beer Garden Band​

festmeister bill.jpg

​Festmeister Bill is the baddest Festmeister around and he will be leading you in song, dance, games and providing all the action  once again at the 40th annual Lake Arrowhead Oktoberfest!

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